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Gluteal Augmentation or Butt Lifts

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Over the past years, gluteal augmentations ("butt lifts") have shot up in popularity. In fact, between 2000 and 2011 alone there was a 235% increase in the number of butt lifts. Especially with all of the curvaceous role models put before us, everyone wants that curvy, shapely butt. Whether you are sliding into a pair of jeans or nearing swim suit season, we know how important having your butt in tip-top shape is. A gluteal augmentation is a body contouring technique that is designed to produce rounder, tighter butts.

Am I a candidate for a butt lift?

Some individuals turn to gluteal augmentations after they have lost significant weight and find themselves left with a very small butt. You might be a good candidate for a butt lift if:

  • Your butt is too small for your body frame
  • Clothes do not fit your figure properly
  • Weight loss has left your butt loose, flat, or sagging
  • Your butt shape or size leaves you self-conscious

Because not everyone out there cares about safety or results, it is imperative you choose the right plastic surgeon. Beverly Cosmetic Surgery Institute understands the female proportion; our buttock augmentation procedure is guaranteed to reshape and enhance your gluteal area in a safe manner.

Why You Should Consider a Butt Lift Procedure

A buttock augmentation can make your butt look curvier, firmer, and younger. Our patients have attested that after they have undergone this procedure they gave gained improved self-esteem and greater self-confidence. Whether you shy away from the gym, swimming pool, beach, or certain clothing styles, getting a gluteal augmentation is sure to leave you loving of your body and experiencing an enhanced quality of life.

Dr. Driscoll has over 15 years of experience delivering quality results-he can help you achieve the "best you" and give you a better outlook on life. Call us now at 512-444-2274 for a free consultation!

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  • American Board of Otolaryngology Diplomat
  • Trained in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles and has worked on numerous patients in the Hollywood industry
  • National trainer for Gluteal Implants and TUBA Breast Augmentation locally and nationally
  • Only surgeon that does Gluteal Implants in South Texas
  • Featured on BBC Discovery Channel
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